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About us


We make cold process soap.

An ancient technique that has stood the course of time, elevated and brought to Raglan, Aotearoa through the combination of our two influential wāhine minds.


Within each bar of our handcrafted soap lies our life values and beliefs.

Our love for papatūānuku is our driving force and our inspiration. Within nature resides extraordinary healing and therapeutic powers, which we harness through our skills, knowledge and intuition. Each bar is designed with love & passion, utilising our earth’s clays, herbs and spices to make a piece of art for your bathroom.

With this being said, we always endeavour to decrease our environmental impact where possible, using minimal, paper packaging and compostable postage bags. We buy our ingredients in bulk, reducing small plastic packaging. Our soaps are all-natural, palm oil free, vegan friendly and locally hand made in small batches here in Raglan/ Whāingaroa.

To hope for a healthy planet, we should also focus on the health of humanity. Which is why we opt for natural products only, avoiding artificial fragrances and colours that are composed of goodness knows what. This way we can experience the numerous benefits from what we put into our soaps, rather than doing our body harm with chemicals that can interfere with our bodies natural processes.

For the planet, for your skin, for the sake of beauty, creativity, practicality, health and education.

Arohanui, Ayla & Casey


caring for your soap

Our soaps are hand-made with love in raglan using the cold process technique. they then sit to cure and harden for at least 6 weeks in our 'state of the art' soap curing room.

we have carefully formulated our base recipe to provide you with a luxurious bar that will stand the test of time.

with that in mind, our bars are literally full of natural plant based oils, so they do need a little extra care.


before you use your bars, keep them in a nice and dry place.

Once in use, keep your soap on a well-drained surface or soap dish. The more it drys out between uses the more time it can spend with you.

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