A bar especially formulated to add sheen to your dusty dogs coat while treating their extra sensitive skin kindly. With Neem oil and a subtle dose of eucalyptus and lavender oil to repel ticks and fleas without overwhelming your pooch’s powerful sense of smell.


We use neem oil to reap its copious benefits to the skin. It has insecticidal, antibacterial and antifungal properties, helping to rid your pooch of fleas and ticks, while assisting in the prevention of bacterial and fungal infections.


Our combination of oils is designed to provide a creamy lather that is non-irritable and moisturizing for your dogs sensitive skin. The use of shea butter and sunflower oil give this soap an enriching lather chocca with vitamin E and other properties to provide a coat that is healthy and full of shine. It is especially good to help hydrate dry and scaly skin and is a sure fire way to a happy, healthy dog.


Although this bar is all-natural and a pretty awesome alternative for your dogs bathing routine, we recommend that you bathe your dog only when they are dirty or their skin and coat looks like it needs some love. Healthy dogs have their own natural cleaning processes that are sufficient most of the time. When you are giving your canine a wash, remember that a little goes a long way.



Ingredients: Lye. Saponified oils of olive, cacao, coconut, sunflower, shea butter & neem. Water, essential oils of lavender & eucalyptus. 

Dusty Dog (Pet soap)