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Fir needle, elemi, amyris, kawakawa & kānuka.


Native kawakawa & kānuka, fir needle, elemi and amyris synchronise with walnut shell flour to form the Earth Creature bar. With this bar our intention is to encourage grounding and centering within your mind, while promoting deep connection with yourself and nature.


Created for creatures that relish being thoroughly immersed deep in nature and the earth; embraced in the cool mud or laying on the damp moss, encompassed by the rich scent of the soil and the fragrant trees. This woodsy union has been facilitated by us to provide you with a powerfully exfoliating lather that is reminiscent of the forest depths, while thoroughly removing any signs of your days play.


Externally, the earth creature offers a number of benefits, with its stimulating and warming nature, encouraging blood flow and detoxification of the skin. Kawakawa and kānuka’s involvement means that it is also a protective, yet soothing warrior, with anti microbial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory actions.


Use this bar on the daily to be regularly coated in the earths grounding goodness and for increased skin health and detoxification or keep it somewhere to be used ceremoniously when you feel it is time to be coaxed back to the present moment,  to delve deep within for answers or self solace.  


Art work by Alex Kuno; @alexkuno.

Earth Creature

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$12.75every month until canceled
  • Saponified oils of shea butter, sweet almond, cacao butter, kānuka & kawakawa infused olive, coconut & rice bran; Raglan distilled water; walnut flour; green clay; white clay; activated charcoal; titanium dioxide; therapeutic grade essential oils of fir needle, elemi & amyris.

  • Although our bars are designed to be hard and resilient, like all of us they have their weaknesses. Leaving our bars to bathe in a pool of water will encourage softening and a short life span.

    But fret not, this is easily avoidable and actually a tell tale sign that our bars are made from the good stuff. 

    Keep these babies on a well drained surface such as a soap dish to ensure that they are nice and dry between uses, the more they dry out, the more time you will get to spend together.  

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