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Our best value for money and the most convenient way to enjoy our luxuriously creamy bars.


Each month 1 or 2 bars will be sent to your door depending on your chosen subscription and you will automatically be charged the monthly subscription costs.


Soap enthusiast : Receive one bar of soap per month. Treat your self to a bit of Raglan Soapery indulgence, stress-free. 


Soap fiend : Receive two bars of soap per month. Perfect to get you through the month without the stress of running out of the rad raglan lather.  


You will recieve a range of soaps throughout the year from our entire collection, including limited edition bars.  This is the ultimate way for you to experience all that Raglan Soapery has to offer.


Monthly Sudscription

Price Options
monthly sub
$10.00every month until canceled
  • Although our bars are designed to be hard and resilient, like all of us they have their weaknesses. Leaving our bars to bathe in a pool of water will encourage softening and a short life span.

    But fret not, this is easily avoidable and actually a tell tale sign that our bars are made from the good stuff. 

    Keep these babies on a well drained surface such as a soap dish to ensure that they are nice and dry between uses, the more they dry out, the more time you will get to spend together.  

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