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Sweet orange, lemongrass, black pepper & horopito.


Designed to enliven and stimulate, to lift stagnant energy and encourage movement and progression, the True Awakening is a deeply empowering bar that will have you prancing out of the shower, into the world.

With great intention we have created a sweet and spicy lather with native horopito, sweet orange, lemongrass and black pepper to enhance your mood and your skins health. Bask in the glory of this bar to reap the benefits of a potent medicinal blend with anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.


Although beneficial for all skin types, the astringent properties from horopito, sweet orange and lemongrass characterize this bar as a skillful oil regulator, making it especially advantageous for oily & acne prone skin. Horopito also lends aid to irritated and inflamed skin, and in conjunction with black pepper, stimulates blood flow and circulation, much the same as they stimulate the movement of stuck energy- enhancing mood and vitality.


Keep this bar in your shower for a daily boost of herbal sunshine or stash it somewhere special for those days when you’re in need of a powerful blast of energy to have you conquering the challenges that life lays before you.  


Art work by Kyoko Shirai; @ulo.raglan.

True Awakening

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Sudscription
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$12.75every month until canceled
  • Saponified oils of shea butter, sweet almond, cacao butter, horopito infused olive, coconut & rice bran; Raglan distilled water; yellow clay; white clay; red clay; therapeutic grade essential oils of orange, lemongrass & black pepper.

  • Although our bars are designed to be hard and resilient, like all of us they have their weaknesses. Leaving our bars to bathe in a pool of water will encourage softening and a short life span.

    But fret not, this is easily avoidable and actually a tell tale sign that our bars are made from the good stuff. 

    Keep these babies on a well drained surface such as a soap dish to ensure that they are nice and dry between uses, the more they dry out, the more time you will get to spend together.  

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