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Our zero waste bars are made from up-cycled off cuts of our soap range. These cute and quirky bars are the op-shops of soap. Full of repurposed, quirky and unique bits and pieces, they’re guaranteed to leave you with those warm fuzzies you get when you’ve scored a one-off bargain. Super friendly on your wallet and just as lush and moisturising as the rest of our soap family, they’re a no brainer.


Due to the nature of these ‘lil bit of everythang’ soaps and the zero waste values behind them, they come naked/ unpackaged and are simply fragranced with all of the lovely scents that the off cuts contain. . .


We also recommend that you be extra careful if you have any allergies to certain essential oils/clays/herbs or spices that are present in any of our soap bars- chances are they’ll be in these little guys too.


Ingredients: Lye. Saponified oils of olive, cacao, coconut, sweet almond and rice bran. Water & off cuts from our standard collection of soaps.

Waste not - want not

$9.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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