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Aotearoas own volcanic bentonite clay and pumice powder combine to present you with Vulcan, god of fire.


If you’re like us and want it rough sometimes, our Vulcan bar is a must try. We highly recommend for use on tougher areas of your skin such as your hands and feet but encourage you to explore your whole body with the sensations that Vulcan provides.


Fragranced with grounding cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils for strong anti-inflammatory and protective properties. For a bathing experience that will help you feel at one with your yang (fire) energy.


Ingredients: Lye, Saponofied oils of coconut, olive, sweet almond, rice bran & cacao. Water, New Zealand pumice powder, New Zealand bentonite clay, red clay & essential oils of eucalyptus and cedarwood. 


$14.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
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